“This book was hot, no if and’s or but’s about it. ” - alpha book club

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Snow, steam, and secrets.

When Jude Devereaux—on the run from a domineering lover—seeks shelter at a secluded Alaskan cabin, unable to make it to town before the blizzard hits, suspicious SOB Hutch is naturally wary, but Jude isn’t just gorgeous, he’s funny and smart and flirtatious. Good things happen over the three days they’re snowed in, and by the time the storm clears, Hutch finds himself a little too attached.

But is Jude who he claims? The last thing Hutch wants is to re-enter the world of espionage and violence he came to Alaska to escape, but the threat to Jude is unthinkable. Hutch refuses to let anything bad happen... even if it means delving into secrets Hutch thought were hidden for good.

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Snowblind - Chapter 1

Eli's desktop post with visual inspiration for the story
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What people are saying about this book: 

“DSP has said this series isn’t meant to be super sexy but I don’t think Easton got that memo or if she did she knew just where to stick it. Because between the flirting, the strip poker, the kitchen pounding… I seriously considered licking my phone while listening to this. Snowblind has climbed to the top of my cracky fluff faves list and I would recommend it to romance and audiobook fans.” - Boy Meets Boy Reviews 

“This book was hot, no if and’s or but’s about it. I listened to the audiobook version and I usually listen to them in the car while commuting, but it got a little steamy so I had to turn it off and wait until I got home to finish listening to it. As for the narrator, I will gladly listen to John Solo’s voice any day of the week. The narration on this book was fantastic.” - Alpha Book Club

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the stolen suitor

His future was set until a thief stole his heart.

All of Clyde’s Corner, Montana, knows local dandy Chris Ramsey will marry Trix Stubben, young widow and heir to the richest ranch in the area. But one woman isn’t too keen on the idea. Mabe Crassen wants to get her hands on that ranch, so she sets her older son to court Trix, and her younger son, Jeremy, to distract Chris and lure him astray.

Jeremy Crassen thinks his mother’s scheme is crazy. But he wants desperately to go off to college, which Mabe will agree to—if he seduces Chris. How will shy, virginal, secretly gay Jeremy attract Chris, who seems determined to do the right thing and marry Trix? Jeremy can’t compete with a rich female widow. Or can he?

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The Stolen Suitor - Chapter 1

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What people are saying about this book: 

“Oh what a tangled (but very entertaining) web we weave…. this book is a non stop read from cover to cover! You just have to read one more chapter to see what happens, and you just have to do this over and over until you are done!” - Bike Book Reviews

“I was laughing and crying and felt frustration, loss and helplessness, as well as hope and determination, and it was all wrapped up in a sweet Eli Easton story. Win!!” - Boy Meets Boy Reviews

“From the opening scene that had me laugh out loud at Mabe Crassen’s crafty scheming, to Jeremy’s endearing attempts to be “slick and sophisticated” so he can trap Chris, to Chris’s determination to do “the right thing” – or what he perceived to be right – it quickly became clear to me that all these people had a thing or two to learn. And I had a front-row seat!” - Rainbow Book Reviews