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puzzle me this

New Expanded Third Edition - Out Sept 6, 2019
The Expanded Edition features 15K new words and an overall edit

Luke Schumaker is a computer game designer who works from home in a small college town in Pennsylvania.  When he starts finding secret messages in a Philadelphia paper’s crossword puzzles, he can hardly believe it.  The messages are clearly meant for him, but who is the crossword puzzle author?  The byline is a pseudonym, and the newspaper refuses to give their author away.  Luke is intrigued and delighted.  He sets out on a quest to learn the identity of his secret admirer.

Alex Shaw has been in a wheelchair since birth.  That hasn’t stopped him from living independently and making a career as a crossword puzzle writer.  He’s content enough until he starts noticing the gorgeous man with long blond hair who hikes past Alex’s apartment every morning. He learns from the complex manager that the hiker is Luke Schumaker, a game designer.  Alex can’t resist the challenge of getting Luke’s attention.  But even if he can charm Luke with the power of a good puzzle, could Luke love a man in a wheelchair?

Originally published by Dreamspinner Press, Oct 2, 2013
New Third Edition published by Eli Easton/Pinkerton Road LLC Sept 6, 2019

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Amazon US | Amazon UK

Puzzle Me This - Chapter 1

What people are saying about this book: 

“It is a sweet story with sexy moments, humor and a “hand me a tissue” ending. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” - Live Your Life by the Book blog

“A gentle and lovely story that I can read again and again.” - Rainbow Book Reviews

“I love that I can trust her to give me an amazingly sweet and happy ending no matter the length of her books. Even her smexy scenes are unique, and that’s saying something!” - Blogger Girls