"Before I Wake" released today!

Image "Before I Wake" released today.  This is a short story published in a fairy tale anthology called "Torqued Tales" from Torquere Press. It's available for individual sale as an ebook.


Here's a blurb:

Nurse's aide Jonesy is drawn to Michael, the comatose victim of a hate crime whose homophobic parents have rejected him. Jonesey sits with Michael, reads to him, and encourages Michael to wake up. Jonesy may not be the smartest guy in the world, but he knows Michael needs him. And if he also thinks Michael is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen, well, Jonesy knows better than to hope for things that can never happen. Michael is lost in a dungeon, a dark and terrifying place. His only comfort is the sound of a man's voice. Can Michael come back? Does he want to? Maybe Jonesy can convince him that some things are worth living for.

You can read an excerpt from this story here.

Here's a link to buy the story.

And here's the goodreads page.