Books I Love: The Art of Touch by Dominique Frost

artoftouch It's not often I find a new author that I immediately fan/follow, but I knew within 10 pages that I was going to be slavishly loyal to Dominique Frost. This is her only publication to date, alas, but hopefully there will be more.

Jared is a high-powered CEO who does nothing but work.  He's a total grump (aka asshole) and his domineering secretary schedules a massage to chill him out before he scares away all their clients.   The masseur is Kyle, a cute young twink.  Jared doesn't want to be there and tries to run all over Kyle but Kyle handles him like a pro and soon has Jared a puddle of relaxed goo.  Jared is determine it won't happen again, but it does.  Kyle can always put him in his place.  Needless to say, since this is a romance, the two eventually become a couple.

This is is a short novella (79 pages) but a fully satisfying story, great for a quick read with lots of humor and UST.

So why did I immediately fan the author? She weaves  a solid, delightful, super fun character and prose voice in this story. I don't typically like "jerk" characters but Jared grabbed my interest from page one because the writing is FUNNY and sly. Yes, he is a jerk at the start but in the way the Sherlock or House are jerks--fascinating and funny and genuine. I loved the story all the way through.

Please write more, Ms. Frost!