Countdown to “Tony” — Second excerpt and Giveaway!


My m/m romance novella “The Trouble With Tony” releases on Aug 21!  It’s a light-hearted contemporary romance in which a Seattle private eye (Tony DeMarco) investigates the murder of a young woman by pretending to be a new patient at a sex clinic where she was being treated.  Much to his dismay, he starts to fall for steely-eyed, ex combat surgeon Dr. Jack Halloran, the murder victim’s therapist and a likely suspect.

This is the book first in a new series called “Sex in Seattle” that revolves around a Seattle sex clinic–its doctors, patients, and surrogates.

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Now, let's see what Tony and Jack are up to, shall we?


Dr. Halloran stood up and went to the door of his office, where a white doctor’s coat hung on a hook. He started putting it on. “As I mentioned, before we can start treatment, I need to do an exam. I have to rule out any obvious physical issues first.”

“I can assure you, Doc, the plumbing is fine down there,” Tony said, now definitely panicking.

“Oh? When was your last physical?”

Tony tried to joke. “Me? I’m Italian, I’m male, and I’m under fifty. I wouldn’t go to a doctor unless my eyeball was hanging out so far I could floss with it, or my piss was the color of pink lemonade, maybe even bloody mary mix.”

Halloran turned to him with a raised brow, blocking the door and folding his arms, his feet slightly apart. “Uh-huh. That’s what I thought. Do you want me to treat you or not, Mr. DeMarco? Because if you’re not serious about this, I’d rather you not waste both our time.”

His posture, his voice…. Tony had an odd sense of déjà vu. It was as if his mother had suddenly inhabited the body of a slim blond doctor.

“I… I am serious, Doc. But—”

Halloran pointed to an exam table set against the back wall of the office. His voice was so cold it could have sunk the Titanic. “Then go over to that table and drop ’em.”

Tony tried to think of a way out, but Halloran’s face was set in a give-me-ten-soldier mask that would make babies cry, plus he was blocking the door. Tony figured he could get past him if he had to. Well, maybe. Halloran was obviously tougher than he looked. How much military training did they give combat doctors, anyway? But even if he could force his way out, Halloran would be done treating him, and Tony wouldn’t have a way into the clinic.

Besides, what if Halloran could really help with his little trouble?

Five minutes, it’ll be over. Five minutes, it’ll be over. His face burning with shame, Tony stood and slunk to the exam table like he was going to his doom. God, please just let me die, quickly and painlessly. In the next ten seconds would be good.

“How do you want me to…?” Tony started lamely.

“You can just lean against the table and take down your trousers and underwear, please. It’s best if you’re standing.”

Halloran went to a cabinet and turned his back. He washed his hands and started taking out a few supplies, giving Tony a moment of privacy. Tony undid his belt buckle and pushed his black pants and briefs to his thighs. He leaned back against the table, grateful for the support. Fortunately, the tails of his shirt gave him a little modesty.

Five minutes, it’ll be over. Five minutes, it’ll be over.

Yeah, but during those five minutes, a murder suspect is going to be looking at my dick. How did that happen?

Jack walked over. As he drew close, Tony felt a nauseous flutter in his stomach. He closed his eyes.

“That’s fine, Tony. Close your eyes and relax.”

It sounded suspiciously like something a serial killer would say. Tony bit his lip as he felt hands unbutton the lower buttons on his shirt and tuck the ends to either side. A cool breeze wafting over his dick let him know he was exposed. Nice.


Oh, the romance!  LOL.  Nothing like meeting over a prostate exam to cement a budding attraction.  I wonder how it goes?