Cover for The Lion and The Crow

lionandthecrow FINAL COVER Cover for THE LION AND THE CROW

I have a new story I wrote for the goodreads, m/m romance group.  They have a big event running called "Love Has No Boundaries" where group members post prompts and other members can write a story based on that prompt.  The prompt I chose was submitted by Angel, and here is the prompt:

I've just won my spurs and a long, hard climb it's been. Being the youngest of seven sons gives you far too many sets of shoes to fill.  But there are things I haven't told my liege, things I can't tell him. These unnatural feelings must mean I harbor a demon. Yet, when I watch him on the practice field...I can't stop the yearning.

My story is called "The Lion and the Crow" and features two male characters who are both knights in the late 1200's in England.  One knight, Sir Christian Brandon, is a seventh son and has just earned his spurs (become a knight). The second, Sir William Corbet, is twenty-five and has been a knight for six years.

This story was a ton of fun to write, and I got to research all sorts of medieval goodness (and badness).  It was a time when to be homosexual was punishable by death.  I approached this story seriously and tried to really envision how two men who were born homosexual might end up dealing with it in that culture, both before and after they found one another.  Being two very different characters, they approach it in very different ways.  But the love they feel for each other is timeless.

I made this cover for the story.  It will appear, FOR FREE, on goodreads as part of their event sometime in May.  I will post here when it's live.  Meanwhile, I will be posting an excerpt in a few days.

You can enjoy MANY more free stories in May as part of this event on goodreads.  Here's a link to this group: