Cover reveal: Stitch



We have a cover for Stitch!  Stitch is the first volume of a new series called Gothika.  I personally love dark, gothic-romantic stories, and I love m/m.  I was a bit disappointed last year when there didn't seem to be many new things out in m/m for Halloween that were, well, Halloween-y.  So Jamie Fessenden and I started talking about doing an anthology together. And we had so many ideas that turned into a series of anthologies.  We were fortunate enough to get Sue Brown and Kim Fielding to agree to participate.  Et voila.

Each volume of Gothika has a theme and includes four novellas.  The theme of Stitch is Frankenstein/Pygmalion/Robot type creatures. In other words, one of the MCs is a man-made man.  I have always loved stories like this and there aren't many in the m/m category.

The stories in this volume include:

Made For Aaron -- by Sue Brown

Reparation -- by Eli Easton

The Watchwork Man -- by Jamie Fessenden

The Golem of Mala Lubovnya -- by Kim Fielding

I'll be posting more about this anthology later.  It is slated for April 2014 publication.  We'll have a second volume of Gothika out for Halloween 2014.