Desktop: The Mating of Michael

TheMatingOfMichael_EliEaston "The Mating of Michael" launches today, Jun 30th, 2014!  That makes me exceedingly happy.  "Michael" is the first full-length novel I've written in m/m romance (it has 73K words).  So if you've been looking for a 'longer' Eli Easton story, this is it.  It's the 3rd in my "Sex in Seattle" series but features a brand new couple and can be read as a stand-alone.

Link to buy "The Mating of Michael" at the Dreamspinner site.

It's my tradition to do a 'desktop' post showing images I used for info and inspiration while writing a book, so here are my images for "The Mating of Michael".


Of course, first and foremost is Michael himself. He's a gay sex surrogate who works with the Expanded Horizons sex clinic in Seattle.  Michael is fairly small and beautiful. He has a flirtatious nature and a gentle soul.  The inspiration for his 'exterior shell' came from Isaiah Garnica, an LA based model.  Here are a few of my favorite shots:

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JAMES GALLWAY (aka J.C. Guise)

Michael's love interest is a reclusive science fiction writer who is in a wheelchair thanks to a childhood bout of polio.  I describe him as having a large and rangy, almost 'Lincoln-esque' face and body. Below is a reference shot I liked, though my James's legs are withered by the polio.

stock-photo-13301009-young-man-in-wheelchair face

EXPANDED HORIZONS SEX CLINIC (Where Michael works part-time)

It's located on Capitol Hill in Seattle (my old stomping ground). It's fictitious, but I picture the building like this:



ELLIOT BAY BOOK STORE (Capitol Hill, Seattle)

Michael meets James here when he's doing a book signing


LEM (one of Michael's patients)

Lem is a sweet man, an older accountant with terrible shyness issues.  Here's my photo reference for Lem:

bald man


Marnie is a regular (non surrogacy) patient of Michael's in his work for an in-home nursing company.  She's a total hoot!  I searched for the most outrageous old lady shots I could find -- imagine this times 10!




Michael decides to act as 'muse' to James, and he takes him to several beauty spots near Seattle.  They have a picnic here:



Two more places Michael takes James




James and Michael have their second meeting at this pool in Seattle, which has a lift for disabled swimmers

06medgareverspool PERMALIFT


That's it for this story. I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews and comments on "The Mating of Michael"!