Eli's Favorite M/M Romances Read in 2013 -- GFY / Gay Virgin

My love of GFY (gay for you) romance is a guilty pleasure.  The spectrum of GFY can run from straight-and-gay-only-for-you, to has-been-in-denial, to closeted, but the key is that at least one MC resists the relationship due to his sexual identity and has never been with a man before.  Good sexual tension is all about resisting temptation, and GFY is just one good reason why a man would resist.  Here are my favorite reads in this category this year. AAcowboy

Books with Gay-For-You / Gay Virgin Themes

The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes – Straight guy Dylan pretends to be the boyfriend of gay Alec so Alec can show-up his obnoxious ex.

A Betting Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion – A man makes a bet to get the ‘next person who walks in the door’ to fall in love with him. Of course, it happens to be a male which is a challenge since the betting man is straight.

Edward Unconditionally by Lynn Lorenz – A flamboyant young gay man is stopped for speeding by a straight sheriff—or at least one very much in denial. They’re both stuck in the same small town and desire overcomes prudence.  This series has paranormal elements.

Handyman by Claire Thompson – Gay stockbroker hires an older, widowed handyman to fix up his new house.  Major sexual attraction follows, much to the surprise of the widower.

My Cowboy Heart by Z.A. Maxfield – A gorgeous young cowboy stirs up all kinds of feelings when he starts working on a ranch with three older men.  Just gorgeous writing and dialogue.

My Hero by Max Vos – A gay diver and a straight football player form a friendship that blossoms into love after the football player saves the diver’s life.

Taboo for You by Anyta Sunday – (also kids) – A friends-to-lovers story about two neighbors. Sam is raising a son alone (and is straight) and Luke is a closeted gay man who is in secretly love with Sam. When Sam makes a bucket list and taboo sex is on it, Luke sees his chance to test the waters. Sexy and sweet.

Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahela by Felicia Watson – A social worker who works with women who are victims of domestic abuse falls for a mechanic who abused his wife because he’s deeply in denial about his sexuality.  Serious issues are handled well in this story and there’s lots of UST.

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