Eli's Favorite M/M Romances Read in 2013 -- Historical / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

The majority of what I read is contemporary, but there are exceptions. Some books are just so highly rated and recommended you have to check them out.  Here are some I really enjoyed this past year.  


Historical M/M Romances

The Gentleman’s Keeper by Sumer Devon and Bonnie Dee – A noble returning to his family estate falls for the estate manager.  Nice regency m/m romance.

The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles – Set in regency England with a paranormal twist, Lord Crane inherited an earldom and a curse and magician Stephen Day is the only one who can help.   Excellent writing.

Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk  -- Repressed scholar Percival helps Pinkerton detective Griffin decode a mysterious book that may endanger them all. Paranormal/mystery/romance – very well written.


M/M Romances with a Fantasy or Sci-Fi Setting

The Englor Affair by J.L. Langley – Sci-Fi/AU fantasy – This series revolves around a planet where homosexuality among nobles is the norm and young men are sheltered like virginal regency ladies.  A great series and this was my favorite.

Nor Iron Bars A Cage by Kaje Harper (free story from the LHNB event) – Fantasy hurt/comfort. A reclusive, damaged wizard is coerced by his old love to go on a mission for the king.

Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane – A fantastic beauty-and-the-beast type fantasy story.

Worthy by Lia Black (free story from the LHNB event) – There’s sort of a ‘disability’ / My Fair Lady theme here which works for me. Set in a fantasy world, Seven was born with a birth defect that puts him in the lowest dregs of society. He’s rescued by a wealthy master who sees Seven’s potential.

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