Eli's Favorite M/M Romances Read in 2013 -- Mystery/Cops/Military


Books featuring Mystery/Thriller plotlines, Cops or Military Men

Gotta love an alpha male, right?  These books all feature a cop, miliary man, detective, bodyguard, hitman, etc.

Basic Training by Marquesate – A closeted drill sergeant who has never allowed himself to be with a man falls for an openly gay recruit who is much abused on base.  Fantastic.

Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg – Wonderfully written, action-packed story about a bodyguard and a spoiled rich kid whose life is in danger.

The General and the Horse-Lord by Sarah Black – A lovely romance featuring two older, retired military men.

Latakia by JF Smith – Matthew is a push-over with a rather worthless boyfriend who gets kidnapped while overseas. He’s rescued by a US Special Forces team and ends up stuck with them for awhile. He learns self-worth and falls in love with a hot alpha male. Oh, yeah.

A Matter of Time by Mary Calmes – A detective tries to protect the witness to a murder who refuses protection. This classic series is just as good as everyone says it is -- very funny and hot. I rolled through the first four books in this series without coming up for air.

You Get Full Credit for Being Alive by Cari Z (LHNB free story) – A reclusive ex-mercenary rescues a young man beaten and left for dead.  Exciting and sexy.

Zero At The Bone by Jane Seville – A hitman hired to off a witness to a crime instead goes on the lam with him.  A sexy and an exciting thriller.


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