Reviews for "The Lion and The Crow"

There are a few reviews out for "The Lion and the Crow" REVIEWS:


“I’ve always enjoyed a good medieval romance about knights, kings, conquerors and the rough times they lived. This is a wonderful and convincing blend of those gallant men and how an m/m romance may have played out. There is deceit, adventure, bloodletting, battle scenes, heroic rescue, and of course daring love scenes. I won’t give it away, but I love the scheme the MC comes up with to save the day and attempt to rescue the damsel in distress. If you love tales of knights and castles, you’ll love this gem of a story.”   See full review

 Brief Encounters blog

“There were some tense elements to this that kept the heart pounding and fascinated with finding out what would happen. It was also very sweet in places, getting that “yeah, come on, just be heppy with who you are, lads” feeling going. … It is a slow burner, so if you like the lust simmering along with that “will they, won’t they?”, “Can they, should they?” element, then you’ll like this.”   See full review

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