September news from Eli Easton

Here's a news update on what's going on with my Eli Easton books. 1.  There will be a French edition of "Blame it on the Mistletoe" (paperback and ebook). Release date is TBD, but it should be out before Christmas.

2. There is also an audiobook version of "Blame it on the Mistletoe" underway via Dreamspinner.  (for this Christmas)

3. I'm wrapping up my 2014 Christmas story "Unwrapping Hank", which is 41K words. It's been through beta and will soon go off to the final editor.  Reese Dante is working on the cover. I'll put it on goodreads as soon as I have a cover.  The story will be published Nov 14, 2014.

4.  In October, Dreamspinner will release a new "gothika" called "bones" (it's the sequel to "stitch"). This volume includes novellas by myself, Kim Fielding, Jamie Fessenden, and BG Thomas and has a voodoo m/m romance theme.  Cover coming soon!

5.  I finished a longer rewrite of "The Lion and the Crow". It will be published by Dreamspinner in January/Feb 2015.

6. Currently working on: A werewolf story for the 3rd volume of gothika. After that I plan to start a new novel in a new series.

7. Last day to get 25% off all Dreamspinner titles!  If you haven't read The Mating of Michael yet, grab it! 

Hope you all are enjoying the onset of Fall.