Eli's Favs: Made for You by Anyta Sunday

I adored this book. I think it's my new number one from Anyta Sunday, which is saying a lot. It's slow burn romance , may-december, with hurt-comfort elements. Those are my favorite things in a romance.

We have two brothers -- Ben and Milo. Ben is trying to raise his little brother Milo after their parents are killed, but he's not quite making it. Between emotional issues, trying to work enough to pay the bills, and Milo acting out, Ben is drowning.

Enter Jack, one of Milo's teachers, and a guy who fixes up houses to flip in his spare time. When he sees the difficulties the brothers are in, he offers to help them fix up the family home for sale. Ben is much younger than Jack, but he's immediately attracted to him. Jack, though, tries to keep Ben strictly in the friend-zone because of the delicate situation, all while falling for the Ben-Milo-and Me family dynamic.

So well-written and excellent all around. I highly recommend!