When M/M Goes Wild

I love contemporary m/m romances, as those on who follow my goodreads reviews (or even this blog) know.  However, after reading hundreds of such books, I sometimes get a yen for something a little different. I grew up reading horror:  Stephen King, John Saul, Dean Koonz, Anne Rice.  Every book I read in high school—and that was a lot—had a shiny black cover. You know the books I mean.  I also love science fiction movies (I Robot, Bladerunner, 2001, Matrix, District 9, Battlestar Gallactica).  In a previous incarnation as an author I wrote thrillers and sci-fi in the 90’s.

So after getting addiction to m/m romance, and writing some contemporaries of my own, I find the “weird” and the “wild” creeping back in.  After all – a plotty plot, some chills and thrills, and m/m sex. What could be better than that?

Some of my favorite “Wild” m/m stand alone stories:

Bone Rider by J. Fally – A ‘first contact’ story that reads like a best selling thriller. Excellent plotting and characters, plus an unusual and hot m/m romance, make this a must-read for m/m fans.

Kraken by M. Caspian – A wonderful blend of horror and m/m romance, in Kraken a man visits an island only to become trapped there and in a dubious consent relationship with something that has… tentacles. Creepy and compelling.

Billy’s Bones  by Jamie Fessenden – A dark murder mystery/psychological thriller as well as a m/m romance, Billy’s Bones is an excellent story that will keep you hooked.


Wilde Stories: Year’s Best Gay Speculative Fiction anthologies:

This series collects the year’s best in gay sci-fi/fantasy/horror fiction. Not all of them are romance, but all are worth reading. My story “Caress” from Dreamspinner’s “Steamed Up” anthology will appear in the 2014 volume.



Some good free stories from LHNB 2013:

Prisoner 374215  by Angel Martinez --  Sci-fi dystopian story about a man who no longer remembers who he was – angsty, dark and sweet!

The Sentinel by Eden Winters – Sci-fi story about a part android soldier who deserts in order to save a baby.  "Terminator" meets a gay version of "Two Men and a Baby".

When You Were Pixels by Julio-Alexi Genao – A highly rated bittersweet sci-fi story with a hurt/comfort, enemies-to-lovers theme.

You Get Full Credit For Being Alive by Cari Z. – I would classify this as a thriller with a m/m romance subplot. Really well-written assassin/thriller characters and plot.


The gothika anthology series

My love of this writing type of fiction inspired me to start a new series of anthologies of gothic horror/fantasy  stories with a m/m romance twist.  I brainstormed with Jamie Fessenden and gothika was born.  The first volume, “Stitch” came out Apr 21, 2014, and includes novellas by myself, Jamie, Kim Fielding and Sue Brown.  All of the stories in “Stitch” have a Frankenstine/made man theme. Each subsequent volume of gothika will have a different theme (the next one is called “Bones” and features Voodoo—it’s due out Halloween 2014).

I love all the stories in “Stitch”, which isn’t surprising given the fact that I love all the authors.  Kim’s story “The Golem of Mala Lubovnya” is set in 17th century Eastern Europe and retells the golem legend with a lovely m/m spin.  “Watchworks” by Jamie Fessenden is set in Victorian London and involves a watchmaker and his unusual new client.   (hot!)  “Made For Aaron” by Sue Brown is a mostly contemporary story about a man who is rescued by an unlikely ally after being sent to an asylum for being homosexual.  My story, “Reparation” is set on a dystopian sci-fi planet but don’t let that scare you off—it’s a moody “Wuthering Heights” type story featuring a huge and sexy cyborg named Knox.


Go Wild

Check out “Stitch” of any of these other stories and take a walk on the wild side of m/m romance.  You might be surprised at how much you like the change of pace.

You can read an excerpt from my "Stitch" story here.

Eli Easton

The Bird - just completed

Bird, The - Eli Easton  

NOTE:  This is a TEMPORARY cover, not a final cover.  I just made it for my own iPad version.


It always feels great to turn in a finished story to the publisher.  Today I turned in a novella called "The Bird", which will be part of an anthology called "Bones" and is the second in the gothika series (the first was the just-released "Stitch").

The idea behind gothika is a series of anthologies that contain a few quality novellas with a common theme written by known m/m romance authors. Each story has a gothic romance flavor.  "Stitch" has stories by myself, Jamie Fessenden, Kim Fielding, and Sue Brown and had a Frankenstein/made man theme.  "Bones" will include those same authors plus B.G. Thomas and has a Voodoo theme.

The photo I used on my *TEMP* cover is from the movie "Wide Sargasso Sea" starring Nathaniel Parker. I've always loved films set in the West Indies during the British colonial days.  Stories like "Island of Dr. Moreau", "I Walked with a Zombie", the Night Gallery episode known as “The Caterpiller” where a man visiting the islands has an earwig crawl into his ear. There's something about the mystique of the islands set up against the stiff-upper-lip British which makes for great horror--and hot sex.

Here's a *TEMP* blurb for "The Bird":

Colin Hastings is sent to Jamaica in 1870 to save his father’s sugar cane plantation. If he succeeds, he can marry his fiancée back in London and take his place in proper English society. But Colin finds more than he bargained for on the island. His curiosity about Obeah, the native folk magic, leads him to agree to a dangerous ritual where he is offered his heart’s most secret desire. Colin has buried his sexuality deep inside himself. When that desire is exposed and placed into a bird, Colin becomes haunted by the creature. Is the bird a horror or his one chance at a life worth living?

I'll post more about "The Bird" and the other stories on "Bones" closer to publication.


"Stitch" is now available for pre-order!

StitchFS FINAL FROM PAUL "Stitch" is coming out Apr 21st and is now on the Dreamspinner Coming Soon page and available for pre-order.


This anthology has FOUR gothic m/m romance novellas, all with a Frankenstein theme. The authors are myself, Sue Brown, Kim Fielding, and Jamie Fessenden.

And here it is on goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20705898-stitch?from_search=true