What I'm Working on: Kingdom Come

I haven't posted for a bit, so I thought I should give you an update.  I have a few things coming up and a new novel in the works. COMING UP:

APRIL:  an anthology of 4 novellas called "Stitch" is coming out from Dreamspinner Press.  The anthology includes novellas by myself, Jamie Fessenden, Kim Fielding, and Sue Brown.  All the novellas have a Frankenstein/created man theme.  I'm excited about this and hope it does well.  Here's the cover.


JUNE:  I'll have a story in this year's Dreamspinner's Daily Dose, a novella called "Heaven Can't Wait".  Also in June or July, "The Mating of Michael" comes out. It's my first full-length m/m novel (73K words) and is the 3rd in the Sex in Seattle series.  It stars Michael Lamont, a sex therapist, and I hope you all love it as much as I do!


I'm working on a novella for the next gothika anthology that's a m/m romance and gothic Voodoo-themed story. It's tenatively called "The Bird".

"Kingdom Come" -- I'm also currently writing a novel that's a bit different for me. It's a murder mystery with a m/m romance.  I have written and published mysteries before, in my 'past life', but I haven't done one in a few years, and never with a m/m romance element to it.  The book is set in contemporary Lancaster County, PA, where I currently reside. The plot involves the Amish culture.  One MC is a homicide detective and the other is a young Amish widower.  The mystery is quite heavy and dark.  I hope to see it published in 2014.  Here's a little taste of a visual I have been using to inspire myself.  (NOTE:  This is not a book cover, just a little wallpaper I made for myself.)  Click for a closer view.



That's all the news for now.  Enjoy the early spring and I'll post more about "Stitch" soon!