What's Coming Next?

Someone on facebook reminded me that I should update you all on what's in the queue for me. Apr/May 2016 -- "How to Wish Upon a Star", (aka Howl at the Moon #3) 

With MCs Dr. Jason Kunik, a third-generation quickened and genetic researcher, and Milo, a hospice dog who just recently became quickened.

I'm finishing this up and will self-pub, so it will be out quickly!

Jun 2016 -- "A Second Harvest", from Dreamspinner Press

This is the first book of a new series called "Men of Lancaster County", but each book will also be stand-alone. This book is a May/Dec romance and features a widowed Mennonite farmer and the young gay man who moves in next door. I'm in final edits and have a cover now. Whoot!

August 2016 -- "The Land of Milk and Honey", from Penguin

This is the sequel to "Kingdom Come" and the second book in my Amish murder mystery series (written under Jane Jensen)

Nov 2016 -- my Christmas novella for 2016


There will be more out in 2016 but the exact titles and dates are still unknown.