What's New, What's Coming -- July 2013

superhero_cover_brian Just Finished Writing:

I just submitted the second book in my "Sex in Seattle" series.  The working title is  "The Enlightenment of Daniel".  It has appearances by Tony DeMarco and Dr. Jack Halloran from "The Trouble with Tony" but features the romance of a new couple, Daniel and Nick.  Daniel is a patient of Dr. Halloran's and he's trying to come to terms with an attraction he's started to feel for his business partner, Nick.  It's surprised the crap out of Daniel, who always thought he was straight.  But the death of Daniel's father is shaking up a lot of his long-held convictions.   This story is my longest m/m yet at 56K words.  It has some humor like "The Trouble with Tony" but is more of a family drama.

Just Starting Writing:

A Frankenstein-style novella called "Reparation" which will appear in Volume #1 of a new gothic anthology series called "gothika".  Volume #1, called "Stitch", will feature 4 novellas in the Frankenstein/Pygmalion vein.  Anticipated publication April 2013.

Just Accepted for Publication:

A short story called "Caress" has been accepted to appear in Dreamspinner's "Steamed Up" anthology, an anthology which features m/m romance steampunk stories.  The anthology is due out Oct 21, 2013.   You can read about this story here.

Just Released:

On July 25, my novella "Superhero" came out from Harmony Ink.  You can read blurbs and excerpts on my site by clicking on the book jacket to the right.

Coming Soon:

"The Trouble with Tony" has a cover and a final galley so it should appear on Dreamspinner's Coming Soon list any day now.   It will likely release in August.

I just got through the first edit pass on "Puzzle Me This".  This novella will be out in Sept/Oct timeframe.

Reviews this week:


5 star review from Madison Parker:  "I loved every minute of this emotionally charged story. One of Harmony Ink’s best titles to date!"  

5 star review from Hearts On Fire.  "It’s such an interesting coming of age story and I highly recommend it."

More "Superhero" reviews on goodreads.


Have a great month everyone!