Family Camp Audiobook Underway

I’m happy to announce that the audio book of Family Camp is currently being recorded by Matthew Shaw. Matthew reads my Howl At The Moon books and he also did Robby Riverton: Mail Order Bride. I’m so happy to have him voice this family-oriented rom com. Expected release date is late June to mid July. Here’s chapter 2 for a little tease. This hasn’t undergone any mastering or edits yet…..


FAMILY CAMP - Win a $25 Gift Certificate on my blog tour!

FAMILY CAMP released March 28th. To celebrate, I’m doing a blog tour with Signal Boost Promotions. You can enter to win a $25 gift certificate at any of the blog tour stops.


Check out some of the reviews and stops so far on this page (under “What people are saying”).

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Family Camp - Chapter 1


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Release day: Family Camp!

FAMILY CAMP is out today! It’s available in ebook and paperback. The ebook is on Kindle Unlimited for the first 90 days.

AMAZON US - ebook and paperback

AMAZON UK - ebook and paperback

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This is a sweet, feel-good romance with little angst and lots of family feels. I think we all need a little lightness right now! I hope it makes you smile.



When Geo signs up for Family Camp, he envisions nature hikes, s’mores, and a chance to win over his recalcitrant new foster kids, Jayden and Lucy. He’s tried to become a dad for so long, and he hopes the three of them can be the family he’s always wanted. What he doesn’t anticipate is the prickly and gorgeous camp counselor who constantly comes to his rescue.

Travis spends a week every year at Camp Evermore, the camp his adoptive parents own. As a pro baseball player, his presence guarantees a full campground and excited campers. He has one rule: never, ever mess around with anyone at camp. His profession demands he stay in the closet. But one sweet and funny new dad is about to test all his resolve.

Sparks fly for Geo and Travis, and not because of the nightly campfire. Having been a foster kid himself, Travis is drawn to Geo’s sincerity and big heart and to his kids. The four of them just fit. But will this be a summer romance? Or can they find a way to be a family long after Family Camp is over?

About the Daddy Dearest series

This series will consist of stand-alone contemporary novels focusing on single gay dads who find hot romance.  Expect laughs, sweet and sexy slow-burn romance, and lots of family feels!

COVER REVEAL - Robby Riverton: Mail Order Bride

I'm excited to be able to share with you the cover for ROBBY RIVERTON: MAIL ORDER BRIDE. It's a gay romantic comedy set in the old west. The cover was done by Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs. It's based on the idea of spoofing old-fashioned, western mail order bride covers. I love it!

I'm so jacked about this book. It was a ton of fun to write and beta feedback so far has been wonderful. One beta reader said "Overall, an outstanding success in my opinion - one of your best!" I hope you all will think so too. 



RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2018

This book will debut on Kindle Unlimited and then go wide after the first 3 months.  I'm also currently casting an audiobook version which I hope to have on Audible by end of June.

I'm not putting the book up for pre-orders to maximum release day sales, but if you sign up for the mailing list below (which is JUST for this), you'll get notified when the book goes live.



Being a fugitive in the old west shouldn’t be this much fun.

The year is 1860. Robby Riverton is a rising star on the New York stage. But he witnesses a murder by a famous crime boss and is forced to go on the run--all the way to Santa Fe. When he still hasn't ditched his pursuers, he disguises himself as a mail order bride he meets on the wagon train. Caught between gangsters that want to kill him, and the crazy, uncouth family of his "intended", Robby's only ally is a lazy sheriff who sees exactly who Robby is -- and can't resist him.

Trace Crabtree took the job as sheriff of Flat Bottom because there was never a thing going on. And then Robby Riverton showed up. Disguised as a woman. And betrothed to Trace’s brother. If that wasn’t complication enough, Trace had to find the man as appealing as blueberry pie. He urges Robby to stay undercover until the danger has passed. But a few weeks of having Robby-Rowena at the ranch, and the Crabtree family will never be the same again.

Damn, what a kerfuffle. If only Trace can get rid of the fugitive while hanging on to his own stupid heart.

That's all folks...


April's Featured Book: THE TROUBLE WITH TONY

I'm starting a new feature here on the blog. Each month I'll focus on a backlist book and it'll be on sale.  For April the book is THE TROUBLE WITH TONY. All through April it's on sale for just .99c on Dreamspinner. HERE's THE LINK.  Keep reading for a little background on the story.

This was one of the first m/m romance stories I ever wrote, way back in 2012. It was published in 2013 by Dreamspinner.

Tony DeMarco is a private investigator in Seattle. He's looking into a young woman's death and he learns she went to a sex clinic the last few months before her murder. Did the sex clinic, or her therapist, Dr. Jack Halloran, have something to do with it?

To find out, Tony pretends to e a new patient of Jack's. At first Tony makes up a story about being a sex addict. But when Jack sees through that, Tony admits he does have a little problem. He can only have sex with specific men he's really attracted to. Only four in his life so far.

Things get complicated when Jack turns out to be #5.

This is a fun-set up that allows for a lot of humor in the book, especially since Tony is a big, wise-cracking, Italian tough-guy. There's also a mystery/investigation thread running through the book. It's fairly short at novella length, but it packs a lot in.

Eli's 3 Favorite Things about The Trouble With Tony:

1. The humor.

2. The stirrup scene (yes, OBGYN stirrups)

3. The appearances of sex surrogate Michael, who later gets his own book.

Hope you enjoy your time with Tony!  Here's the book page on this site.



Blog Tour: "The Dog Shifters of Mad Creek" on Sinfully Sexy

Read about the inspiration behind the dog shifters of Mad Creek (in the new release "How to Howl at the Moon"). You can enter to win a free copy of the audiobook version of this novel, which is coming out as soon as Audible approves the uploaded audio file (1-2 weeks).


Desktop: How to Howl at the Moon

It's release day for "How to Howl at the Moon", the first book in a new m/m romantic comedy series about dog shifters.  I had a blast writing this book, and I'm so excited that it's now out there available to the public.  Fly little bird, fly!  Or maybe, run, little dog, run! It's my tradition to share some of my photo inspiration on release day. So without further ado, here are some images that I found to use as mind candy while working on this story.

NOTE: These are all images I googled. I don't own the rights to them and they are not used in the actual book.


Tim is our shy gardener, a full-blooded human who moves to Mad Creek by chance and has no idea that dog shifters exist (or any other shifters for that matter).  Tim is tall, lanky, and a bit gawky. I looked for a long time to find the right 'mind model' for Tim physically, and I fell in love with the photo below. Love those bangs!  (so does Lance)



The other MC is Lance, a border collie shifter who is the sheriff of Mad Creek, and a determined protector of the town. I didn't find the perfect photo of Lance. He had black hair and brilliant blue eyes, he's compact and muscular, and intense with a capital I! But here are some images that come close....

110596 (THE HAIR!)

lanceglasses (THE TUDE!)

CHANCE (aka Lance in dog form)

Lance is a shifter descended from border collies. In dog form, he's all black with just a touch of white on his chest and a dot on one ear, and he has brilliant blue eyes. He's very intelligent looking. This is the dog photo I used for Lance. He actually looks quite a lot like the dog that ended up on the cover, no?




For my setting, I wanted a small town, someplace remote and someplace that felt a bit interesting or exotic. My husband suggested the California mountains.  We lived in Oakhurst, California for about five years, a small town in the mountains up the hill from Fresno but before you get to Yosemite.  Mad Creek is technically further up into the mountains than that, but I based Mad Creek on Oakhurst. Here are some photos.

oakhurst oakhurst2 oakhurst-california

RENFIELD (aka "Renny")

Renfield is a puppy that Lance gives to Tim. He's a 100% dog (not a shifter) and he's mostly Bernese Mountain Dog.

e22754d768 ontario-bernese-mountain-dog-breeders-112

LILY (Lance's mother)

Lance's mother is also a border collie shifter with black hair and blue eyes. She's wiry, energetic, and basically a whirlwind of manipulation and buttinski-ness.  Julie Louis-Dreyfus is a great comic model for her.




Some reference images for rose hips, a Sheiff's badge and the DEA uniform.

rosehip-seed 5944141

That's it for this release! I hope you enjoy the book.

P.S. The audiobook is done and is 'in processing' at Amazon. It should be live in the next week or two!


"How to Howl At the Moon" -- cover & excerpt!

HowToHowlAtTheMoonFINALLRG  Release date: Feb 28, 2015

I'm super, super excited about this book!  "How to Howl at the Moon" is the first book of a new m/m romantic comedy series featuring dog shifters and a little town in the California mountains called Mad Creek.

I wrote the first draft of this novel during NaNoWriMo in 2014, and I had so much fun writing it. I fell in love with Molly Harper's "Naked Werewolf" series and it inspired me to want to write a humorous shifter series of my own, only in m/m.  My husband likes to say he gives me all my best ideas, and I'm afraid there's some truth in that. When I said "romantic comedy with shifters?" He said "dogs!". He was right.

We have three bulldogs of our own and it was a blast to write dog shifter characters and give them dog mannerisms and personality traits. I hope you'll enjoy reading about Lance, his mother Lily (as Lance says, Jewish mothers have nothing on the relentless herding instinct of a mother descended from border collies on both sides), Gus, Roman, and the other residents of Mad Creek. And of course, Tim, our  clueless hero.

You can read an excerpt here. And the book is available on Amazon right now for pre-order.

The cover is awesome, no?  Cover by AngstyG. (Click for close-up)

Also, I am working on an audio book version of this right now!  I hope to have it out around the same time as the ebook.