April's Featured Book: THE TROUBLE WITH TONY

I'm starting a new feature here on the blog. Each month I'll focus on a backlist book and it'll be on sale.  For April the book is THE TROUBLE WITH TONY. All through April it's on sale for just .99c on Dreamspinner. HERE's THE LINK.  Keep reading for a little background on the story.

This was one of the first m/m romance stories I ever wrote, way back in 2012. It was published in 2013 by Dreamspinner.

Tony DeMarco is a private investigator in Seattle. He's looking into a young woman's death and he learns she went to a sex clinic the last few months before her murder. Did the sex clinic, or her therapist, Dr. Jack Halloran, have something to do with it?

To find out, Tony pretends to e a new patient of Jack's. At first Tony makes up a story about being a sex addict. But when Jack sees through that, Tony admits he does have a little problem. He can only have sex with specific men he's really attracted to. Only four in his life so far.

Things get complicated when Jack turns out to be #5.

This is a fun-set up that allows for a lot of humor in the book, especially since Tony is a big, wise-cracking, Italian tough-guy. There's also a mystery/investigation thread running through the book. It's fairly short at novella length, but it packs a lot in.

Eli's 3 Favorite Things about The Trouble With Tony:

1. The humor.

2. The stirrup scene (yes, OBGYN stirrups)

3. The appearances of sex surrogate Michael, who later gets his own book.

Hope you enjoy your time with Tony!  Here's the book page on this site.